Rodrigo Lopez Klingenfuss
Composer-conductor-choir director.

Born in 1975 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Living in Cologne since 2005.

Graduated in Conducting from the University of Arts and Sciences of the Catholic Faculty (UCA) in Buenos Aires. Also graduated in composition at the Cologne Conservatory „Hochschule für Musik und Tanz“ (HfMT).

Multifaceted musician: working as a conductor and composer for different kind of genres and ensembles (ensemble, orchestra, band, choir, contemporary music and dance theater) and guitar player. Also giving workshops for dancers and musicians and teaching at the Cologne conservaroty.

Founder, composer and conductor of the gRoBA Orchestra. Conductor, composer and co-leader of Bassmasse, the international renomeed double-bass ensemble founded by Sebastian Gramss.

His works have been performed by different orchestras and ensembles in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Finland, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Italy and Germany.



Image: Cologne, Atelier Lopez Klingenfuss.